Welcome to the Oregon Partnership blog!

We know you’ve been waiting and wondering when OP would stick its toe into the blogosphere. Well, it’s happened, and we’re happy it has.  Besides, we figured if all those tens of thousands of people starting their very own blogs EVERY DAY can figure out something to say, so can we.  We’re hoping it’s still another way to get the conversation going about the importance and successes of alcohol and drug prevention.  We’ll be posting each day – at least that’s the plan – and welcome your comments.  If you’re not familiar with Oregon Partnership – a state-wide non-profit based in Portland with a 13-year history of effective alcohol and drug prevention programs and treatment referral services – check out our website at www.orpartnership.org.
Pete Schulberg
Communications Director
Oregon Partnership


One Response to Welcome to the Oregon Partnership blog!

  1. Jim Parker says:

    Pete (and other interested OP People):

    Just surfing through some of my personal favorite education-prevention websites, and wanted you to know how impressed I was/am/and will probably continue to be by yours. We’re honored by our long-time association with Oregon Partnership and grateful for your continuing support of our work.

    Let us know when and how we can return the favor!

    Jim Parker
    Executive Director
    Do It Now Foundation

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