OP’s Suicide Prevention Line Saving Lives

Just this morning, we received three calls on our suicide prevention line.  About half of the 15,000 calls we get on our crisis lines each year come to the suicide hotline.

There’s no doubt that OP operates the very best crisis lines in the state.  Our volunteers undergo 60 hours of intense training and are aided by our two-fulltime staff people. And we never seem to have a shortage of willing volunteers, which is impressive and enlightening in itself.

We even got a phone call from the local 211 information and referral service wanted to know more about our suicide line, following Monday’s Renee Mitchell’s column in the Oregonian.  That column described how a woman who could have been suicidal got the runaround from a couple of other local crisis lines.

If she had called our 1-800-Suicide line (which comes up if you Google suicide hotline), she would have gotten instant attention and help, including followup.

As a non-profit that deals with drug and alchohol prevention and treatment referral,  we are proud of the work we do on our crisis lines. People in need find and use us every day, which is another reason to support us in our efforts.


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