Focus on Underage Drinking at Spring Break: “It’s a Binge-fest.”

Tune into a number of cable TV channels – especially in the next several weeks – and you’ll see a whole lot of shameless glorifying of underage drinking.  Much of it is sponsored or promoted by beer companies.

I was watching a Travel Channel show the other night – “Top 10 Spring Break Spots” – and couldn’t believe what I was seeing.   Talk about blatant promotion for underage drinking.

Rosarita Beach, Mexico made the top 10 list because, as it was explained, it had a legal drinking age of 18 and besides, they didn’t check ID’s all that carefully. 

The American Medical Association’s survey on Spring break drinking  found that more and more spring breakers are drinking, especially women.

“Spring Break is broken,” said J. Edward Hill, M.D. AMA president. “It’s turned into a dangerous binge-fist…Months before Spring break, students are bombarded by promotions on campus loaded with ads for cheap or free alcohol.”

When all the recent research on the dangerous impact of underage drinking on brain development becomes instilled in the public consciousness – and it will, just like cigarettes – I’ll bet the Travel Channel will be re-directing its top ten lists.

Pete Schulberg

Communications Director, Oregon Partnership


One Response to Focus on Underage Drinking at Spring Break: “It’s a Binge-fest.”

  1. Kristen says:

    I just added a entry to Yamhill County’s Prevention Council Blog about the “Face it, Parents” campaign… Hopefully the PSAs will get some much needed airtime over spring break! Thanks for all that you do! -Kristen

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