Spike In OP’s Suicide Hotline Calls

Our crisis line folks are seeing an increase in calls to OP’s Suicide Hotline since Renee Mitchell’s column in the Oregonian two Mondays ago.  Mitchell talked about OP’s crisis lines and listed the numbers.

 Meanwhile, HBO’s “Addiction” series doesn’t seem to have created an instant surge ofcalls to our HelpLine.  Several of us attended the premiere of the “Addiction” special last week.  Pretty powerful stuff and hammered the point home that addiction is a disease of the brain and that we’re learning a whole lot more about how the brain functions regarding addiction.  Nothing really in the drug prevention arena.

I’d give the special a B-plus.  It didn’t choose to focus on how/why people become addicted in the first place and how it can be prevented, as opposed to dealing with the strictly physical and neurological factors.   HBO will be repeating the special and independent episodes.  Last night, I watched a gripping story about a man in his 30’s and how his family was handling his drug addiction.

The series is sure to wake more people up about understanding drug abuse.


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