Half of US College Kids Binge Drink and Abuse Drugs

No surprise but still real troubling are the latest stats from the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA).  A new report says 49 percent of full time college students binge drink and/or abuse prescription drugs.  That’s up 26 percent (college students who get drunk at least three times a month) since 1993.  The percentage increase of college students using prescription drugs has skyrocketed into the triple digits.

How much higher is the percentage this week during spring break do you suppose?

I like the quote of CASA chairman and former US HEW secretary Joseph Califano: “It’s time to get the ‘high’ out of higher education.” Califano also blasted college presidents and deans for looking the other way.

As so many of Oregon Partnership’s drug prevention public service announcements (“Face It, Parents”) point out, it’s up to moms and dads to start talking to their kids (from a young age) about alcohol and drugs and teach them bigtime about peer pressure, the effect of alcohol on their developing brain, and how drinking in the teen years makes them more likely to abuse alcohol later in life.

Why do you think cigarette smoking is DOWN 15% among college students?  Information, change in attitudes, and teaching kids that smoking is NOT cool or smart, that’s why. 



2 Responses to Half of US College Kids Binge Drink and Abuse Drugs

  1. cheep checks says:

    cheep checks

    Shoots assortment of cheep checks from supercooled nitrogen to superheated liquor.

  2. truthisliberty says:

    College campuses need Jesus Christ…to lead the people out of the liberal sewer! Kids are suffering because they aren’t taught the Lord is the source of strength, as a result when they are tempted they crumble and reap the problems. Jesus gives what no college degree ever can….POWER! The power to say no, the power of wisdom, the power to live free!

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