OP wins!  OP wins! OP wins!

Actually, we think EVERYBODY wins over the decision by Anheuser-Busch to ditch Spykes.  And the many groups and indivuals who heeded OP’s call, should be thanked and congratulated.

Spykes, you’ll recall, are the 99-cent, 2-ounce multi-colored bottles of malt beverage with flavors such as hot chocolate and mango.

 Obviously targeted to young and underage drinkers,  Spykes was something a lot of folks could rally against. And they did!

 A-B got the word and after only five months on the market, these babies are gone!

Thanks and congrats to everyone who helped us in this successful effort!  This goes to show that the battle against underage drinking is picking up steam, as well it should. 

Read OP’s news release. 


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