Focus on Underage Drinking, OP in Orlando

Oregon Partnership will be among those conducting workshops next week at … get ready now….The Office of Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention Underage Drinking Enforcement Center’s 9th Annual National Leadership Conference.  A serious mouthful.

For those who have attended, it’s regarded as the premiere underage drinking conference in the country. And folks all over the country share successes and failures and take up cutting-edge efforts to make a dent in the underage drinking crisis.

The conference’s slogan is “Empowering Leadership to Enhance What Works.”

 OP’s Judy Cushing and yours truly will explain how a lil ol non-profit in Portland, Oregon can help get major retail chains to stop selling products that promote alcohol to minors, and to be among the leaders in the successful campaign to get Anheuser-Busch to stop selling Spykes.

And the media attention on addictions continues non-stop: Time Magazine’s cover story this week.  Changing the culture.  It’s starting to happen. 

More from Orlando later.

Pete Schulberg, OP


2 Responses to Focus on Underage Drinking, OP in Orlando

  1. Kudos to Oregon Partnership, for strong participation in the Office of Juvenile Justice Conferene on prevention of underage drinking. I am well aware it is a serious problem prevention program across America for the last 15 years reaching teens and families afflicted with alcoholism and drug abuse.
    LEGACY OF HOPE has reached one million teens and adults in 47 states.

    I invite you to check out my blog and website:

    My book – 52 Ways to Protect Your Teen – is a great help to concerned parents, counselors, educators and any adult who cares about teens

  2. Ron Bogle says:

    Thanks to the Oregon Partnership for your great efforts to provide a healthier and brighter future for our children, uncompromised by the haze of alcohol abuse or dependency. I appreciate the information you provided to so many of us as the OJJDP conference in Orlando – I’m already utilizing your suggestions to enhance and strengthen our coalition efforts in North Carolina. Thanks for giving so generously of your time – I look forward to a continuing partnership for the children of America.

    Best, Ron

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