Roadblock! Portland TV Stations Airing Anti-Meth Program

When was the last time a half dozen Portland stations aired the same show at the same time? How about never.

No one will be able to say that after October 9th.  Or if they did, they’d be wrong. 

“Chrystal Darkness,” a half-hour special focused on the meth issue and the perils of the dangerously addictive drug,  will be happening Tuesday, October 9th at 7:30 p.m. on all of Portland’s network-affiliated stations.

The program, originally produced by a Nevada-based production company and aired in Las Vegas and Reno, will be edited to include Oregonians involved in the issue.

Oregon Partnership will provide personnel on a 50-plus phone bank, ready to answer viewer questions and provide assistance. 

Here’s more from the show producers:

Methamphetamine first appeared in Oregon in the early ’80s. Since that time, Meth addiction has grown and is considered an epidemic by law enforcement agencies and concerned communities. Local businessman Jim White is spearheading a campaign that highlights the perils of Meth, and reaches out to people struggling with addiction through a 30-minute documentary titled Crystal Darkness will be aired by most local television stations at 7:30pm on October 9th, 2007. Television stations currently participating in a simultaneous roadblock include KPTV, KPDX, KOIN, KATU, KGW and KRCW. Comcast Cable will also be airing the documentary on channel 14. Other stations are being added statewide over the next few weeks.The Crystal Darkness Campaign originated in Nevada and was a unique collaboration between local media, government leaders, schools, law enforcement, recovery specialists, churches, and the business community. Because of the publicity leading up to the airing of Crystal Darkness, it is believed to be the most watched program in history for Nevada. Further, in Las Vegas, hundreds of thousands of students received high-impact brochures designed for discussion with parents and friends. The same will be true for the Oregon campaign with nearly 2 million pieces of literature being printed for statewide distribution.The initial response to the documentary was dramatic, with countless families and individuals watching. Hundreds of addicts called-in for assistance as well as others seeking more information. A fifty phone call center is being planned for the night the documentary airs in Oregon. Yet, the television Campaign is just the beginning. Community-wide results of the historic airing will be realized for years to come. One of the most significant affects of the campaign in Nevada was the way it mobilized communities to fight back and protect youth and neighborhoods against this terrible drug. Prevention is the key to success against the results form using this drug. The campaign will focus great attention on prevention through the schools by creating a teachable moment for the youth and parents of Oregon.Many organizations have joined forces to combat this issue. Please join with these and others to fight for our children and communities against this terrible drug.


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