Eugene TV Stations Sign Up to Air “Crystal Darkness”

Oregon TV stations are rallying around “Crystal Darkness,” the anti-meth documentary due to air October 9th.   Now comes word that the network affiliates in Eugene will all be carrying the program.

 Here’s the Action Alert Oregon Partnership is sending out…

Crystal Darkness – Meth’s Deadly Assault On Our Youth, is a gripping documentary underscoring the frightening truth about Meth’s devastating impact on our youth and their families. Meth continues to destroy our neighborhoods and families This is the night the community fights back. Make sure your family watches this historic program which is being shown on TV stations throughout Oregon. The program will air on Tuesday, October 9th, from 7:30 to 8 p.m. The campaign organizers have successfully set up a simultaneous TV roadblock in the Portland and Eugene area, and other stations are being added statewide over the next few weeks. Crystal Darkness educational booklets will be made available statewide through Educational Service Districts, and trainings will take place to help educate the public. Please join in the efforts to help stop the spread of meth in your community, and take action today. If you have questions or want to get involved with the campaign, contact: Jim White
Oregon Crystal Darkness Campaign Director


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