OP Targets Another Product Aimed at Underage Drinkers

This is going out to Nordstrom chief re flask flip-flops!

October 30, 2007

Mr. Erik B. Nordstrom
President of Stores
Nordstrom, Inc.
1617 6th Avenue
Seattle, Washington  98101

Dear Sir:

Upon shopping at the downtown Portland Nordstrom recently, I noticed an item in your men’s shoe department that we believe at Oregon Partnership is not worthy of your company: Flip-flops with a built in polyurethane flask in each heel.  The flip-flops, manufactured by Reef, also come with a tiny funnel for filling the flask and a plastic key to open the three-ounce flasks. They are advertised as “a drink come true!”

We at Oregon Partnership, a statewide non-profit promoting alcohol and drug prevention and education, consider this product as a means for underage drinkers to hide alcohol. School officials and prevention groups around the country agree with us. 

In recent months, several national chains have discontinued selling “drinking games” and other products with alcohol (and binge drinking) as an underlying theme. We believe that if we are to make inroads into the crisis that is underage drinking, products such as the Reef flip-flops should not be sold under the Nordstrom banner and in Nordstrom stores.

Your company has always been a wonderful community supporter, and you could be doing us all a favor by dropping this product. Thank you for your consideration. 


Pete Schulberg
Communications Director
Oregon Partnership


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