The Meth Labs are Gone in Oregon, but Meth Isn’t

Yesterday’s article in the Portland Tribune about the status of meth in Oregon was disturbing, yet not surprising to those of us at Oregon Partnership.

Reporter Nick Budnick tells us  while meth labs in Oregon have virtually disappeared (now that pseudoephederine products are by prescription only), the supply of meth from Mexico is stepping up

Budnick’s account is spot on, providing some compelling quotes from area law enforcement officers who must contend with a bigger supply of meth entering the state, while the quality goes down, the price goes up, and the damage to children and families continues.

“Oregon adopted the most stringent anti-meth laws in the nation,” writes Budnick. But “That success has borne unintended consequences – thanks to a massive influx of meth supplied by Mexican drug caretels.”

Actually, there are those of us who believed that once the labs were wiped out, other supplies would begin filling the vaccum.  And that leads to the next major step, which is already under way – and that’s  building awareness of the inherent dangers of meth.

Thanks to media coverage and programs such as “Crystal Darkness,” which was seen by almost a million TV viewers around the state, there is growing knowledge about how ugly and addictive meth is.  This is not a drug to be experimented with.  Scientists and researchers will tell you that it takes a single time of smoking meth to become addictive.

That just doesn’t happen with other illegal drugs. 

Oregon Partnership is all about awareness and prevention.  And it’s no different now that we know that meth isn’t going away any time soon.  Attack the problem before it starts – by educating, informing and talking.


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