Oregon Partnership Collects BIG CHECK at Blazers Game!

A big night for Oregon Partnership at tonight’s Blazers-Magic game at the Rose Garden. That’s when we’re awared the oversized check at half-time for a whopping total of 40-thousand, 500 dollars – the money that was raised for OP at the 6th annual Bell Blazers golf tournament this past September. We’re also going to be presenting a one-minute video about OP on the new and improved and BIG screen during half-time. So hopefully, a lot more folks will be learning about Oregon Partnership and the good things we do in the field of drug prevention and education.

The Blazers and Taco Bell have been generous supporters of OP, and we make a good fit. They’re trying to show that they are good community partners. And as a matter of fact, so are we. Blazers Executive Vice-President for Business Affairs, Mike Golub, is OP’s newest board member, and already Mike has helped us getting OP’s name out there to folks who might not ordinarily come into contact with us. And if the Blazers can make it two straight home wins – against a tough Orlando team, so much the better.


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