Methamphetamine Awareness Day: Looking to the Future

Tomorrow is Methamphetamine Awareness Day, and in the last couple of weeks, there has been a flurry of local and regional news coverage about how homemade meth labs have virtually disappeared in Oregon while meth continues to come into the state from Mexico.  The good, the bad, and more importantly, the future comes to light.

The trends in the meth story we need to watch this year are the following:

*The quality of the drug has diminished as the price has gone up.  And that’s no accident. Mexico has begun putting restrictions on pseudoephedrine, and it is apparently affecting the supply.  Beginning in January, Mexico will prohibit the importation of the precursor chemicle and beginning in January of 2009, pseudoephedrine will be banned – period – in Mexico.

This is going to be fascinating to watch – whether it will have a substantial impact on the meth trade, which – if all goes according to plan – it should.

*If the purity continues going down, the supply diminishing, and the price going up, more meth users might be headed toward treatment.

*Will more treatment for these people be available. If they’re uninsured, that’s a huge problem because rehab is expensive.  Will the state step up? Big question.


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