“Face It, Parents” Campaign Goes to Doctors’ Offices

Oregon Partnership and the Oregon Medical Association are teaming up to target parents about the dangers of underage drinking – and they should have a captive audience.

“Face It, Parents” posters have gone out to 4,500 Oregon doctors to be displayed in waiting areas and exam rooms.  Oregon Partnership reports that requests for additional materials containing steps parents can take to prevent their kids from drinking are coming in at a brisk pace.

Cards entitled “Helping Parents Reduce Youth Alcohol Use” include six tips to help keep children safe, healthy and alcohol free.

The “Face It, Parents” campaign is funded by the Oregon Department of Human Services and managed by Oregon Partnership. 

“Doctors and nurses are very influential with parents and children,” says Oregon Partnership’s Pam Erickson. “We need their help in teaching parents about the seriousness of this issue, plus the simple steps a parent can take to reduce their child’s risk of becoming a regular drinker.”

A “Face It, Parents” poster was included in STAT, the newsletter of the Oregon Medical Association.

The steps for parents come under the following headings:

* Remember, that you are the biggest influence in your children’s lives.
*Don’t think “it’s not my child.”
*Establish explicit rules and consequences.
*Youth alcohol use is not a rite of passage.
*Don’t allow youth drinking in your home.
*Be a positive role model.

The materials are free and can be ordered at Oregon Partnership by calling 503-244-5211, or toll-free at 1-800282-7035 or by emailing plabberton@orpartnership.org.

“We know a lot more about the serious health issues associated with underage drinking,” says Erickson. “New research using MRIs shows that the brain undergoes enormous development from ages 12-25 and that regular alcohol use can damage this development.”

“Face it, Parents” is a an Oregon Department of Human Services prevention campaign managed by Oregon Partnership and designed to reduce underage drinking by targeting parents.  In the first 16 months of the campaign, Oregon Partnership worked with young people around the state, developing radio and TV public service announcements that received substantial airplay.

Developed with input from parent focus groups in urban and rural Oregon, the campaign features three key messages: Your child could be drinking, all children need rules against drinking, and alcohol damages young minds.

According to the Oregon Healthy Teens Survey, about a third of 8th graders have consumed alcohol in the past 30 days and about half of 11th graders.

For more about “Face It, Parents,” visit http://www.faceitparents.com.


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