In dealing with drugs and alcohol, all research strongly shows that parents are the THE NUMBER ONE INFLUENCE on their children.  Parents can have an enormous impact on their children’s lives.  Through education, effective parenting is informed parenting.  Parents can help to keep all children safe, healthy and drug free.  Oregon Partnership supports effective and informed parenting through several drug prevention and education programs.

Parent Teaching Prevention
This interactive program engages and trains parents, grandparents, and other adult volunteers to deliver grade level appropriate prevention education in Kindergarten through sixth-grade classrooms through informed and consistent messaging.

Parent Teaching Prevention is designed to teach children at an early age how important it is to make healthy life choices. Children learn the consequences of alcohol and drug use and apply this knowledge as they enter middle and high school, when peer pressure is at its peak.

OP provides curriculum, technical assistance and student hand-outs for each session, plus supporting educational materials sent home to parents that help perpetuate open communication with their children. Parents and other adult volunteers gain knowledge and awareness about substance abuse and interactively share this with children in the classroom and their surrounding community.  Teachers also find that the Parent Teaching Prevention program meets the criteria for state content standards for prevention education in a valuable way that really makes a difference in the students’ lives and well-being.

Parenting Classes and Workshops
Effective parenting helps to reduce the risk of drug and alcohol use and abuse.  Being an effective parent involves knowing and understanding a variety of issues influencing our children from drug and alcohol awareness to media literacy, and understanding text messaging.
Oregon Partnership offers a variety of classes relating to ALL of the issues surrounding raising healthy children in today’s world.  Some classes offered through OP’s Parenting for Prevention Program include:  Alcohol Awareness, Substance Abuse Prevention Strategies for Positive Parenting, Internet Safety, Raising Boys, Raising Girls, Media Literacy, Raising Money-Smart Kids, Parenting Skills, Gaming and Gambling, Bullying and Violence, Teaching Peer Pressure and Refusal Skills and Adolescent Brain Development.

Oregon Partnership also specializes in helping community groups, schools, and religious organizations coordinate and implement more advanced parenting workshops based on the needs and desires specific to a community or group. 



  1. I have extensive experience working with people with substance abuse problems and how these problems interfere in their life.
    Substance Aabuse

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