Congressional Hearing Should Lead to Better Prevention Efforts

Today’s Congressional hearing featuring Roger Clemens and his accuser, Brian McNamee on whether the star pitcher used steroids and human growth hormone (HGH) probably didn’t settle which one of the two is perjuring himself,  but it was one more high-profile chapter in the sordid story about illegal drugs in America.

Should Congress be spending its time on more pressing issues than whether Roger Clemens is telling the truth? Most would probably say yes, but the hearings serve as another vital wakeup call.

The more publicity the Mitchell Report receives and the more attention steroids in sports receives, the more hope there is that the health dangers of these substances come to the forefront in communities all over the country.

It even came up again and again during today’s hearing:  Children, parents, coaches and athletes must get educated about steroids and performance enhancing drugs.  It looks like baseball is finally taking action.  Now it’s up to all of us to start zeroing in on prevention.


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