Portland City Council Unanimously Approves City-Wide Drug Strategy

The Portland City Council today unanimously endorsed a sweeping blueprint for a five year, city-wide drug strategy designed to provide a “better life for all of Portland’s children and families, neighborhoods, and businesses.”

“The culture of tolerating drugs needs to change,” said Portland Mayor Tom Potter in touting the plan that he helped initiate.

The plan is designed to change the public’s knowledge and attitudes about the abuse of drugs and alcohol and would set the stage for taking direct action that would prevent substance abuse and change lives.

“It all begins with us,” said Patrick Donaldson, Chairman of CARSA (Community Action to Reduce Substance Abuse), who presented the strategy to the City Council, along with Judy Cushing, President/CEO of Oregon Partnership.  “Portland is passionate about taking on serious issues. And with this one, it’s all about including many diverse groups and community leaders.”

The strategy’s sectors of focus include drug prevention, treatment, law enforcement, public education, financial support and evaluation of impact.

“We need to work with school officials to obtain the support necessary to implement effective and evidence-based drug prevention curriculum K-12,” said Cushing. “We need to change the social norms that accept the abuse of alcohol and other drugs.”

In October 2007, the City of Portland issued an RFP and selected Oregon Partnership to develop a city-wide drug strategy.

City Commissioners echoed Donaldson and Cushing by saying that more needs to be done to improve access to treatment services and to help those who want to enter treatment, but can’t afford it.

Click here to download a copy of the City-Wide Drug Strategy.


3 Responses to Portland City Council Unanimously Approves City-Wide Drug Strategy

  1. Robert Bly says:


    Above is a link to Andy Dworkin’s article in today’s InPortland…He exposes this plan for the fluff it is..bullet points and generaliites. There is no substance in this drug strategy.

  2. opblog says:

    I suggest that the Oregonian writer read the strategy a little more carefully.

    It’s a strategy that utilizes a “vision” of dramatically expanded treatment, prevention, public education, and financial support. You can call it “dreaming.” We call it a necessity, after all these years of accepting drug abuse and not considering it a community-wide issue.

    Why he would want to make light of that, I don’t know.

  3. Robert Bly says:

    Surely you cannot be serious? You want money for a vision? I suggest OPBLOG looks at the crumbling city streets and sewer system, failing economy, slumping housing market, complete lack of jail space then tell us how and why this vision should get any funding…This plan reads like that of a term paper cobbled together by a spoiled high school student who places their social status and connections above thought…Offer any criticism, the child runs to mommy and daddy claiming unfair prejudice. Mr. Dworkin isn’t making “ light” of your vision, he is simply pointing out that you’re out of touch with reality and you’ve created a pipe dream with no measurements and no accountability. Alas, your quick dismissal of those who prod your vision brings you right in line with our outgoing mayor and his whole vision thing—-good riddance…

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