Calling all Parents. CASA Wants Your Input.

These folks do great work with information for parents and the public.  Joseph Califano has produced some eye-opening stuff about substance abuse in America . 

In order to hear from you parents, CASA has launched a Web forum on We urge you to post your comments, share your ideas and respond to the comments of other parents. Use your “parent power” to be a part of creating the best book ever written to HELP PARENTS raise the next generation of superior athletes, pioneering inventors, brilliant doctors and scientists and strategic business and government leaders as healthy drug-free kids!

Click here to read more about CASA.


One Response to Calling all Parents. CASA Wants Your Input.

  1. Patty Larkin says:

    Dear OP,
    Have you visited Fred Meyers? Earlier today, I was very alarmed by their St. Patrick’s Day display in the front entry of the store promoting St. Patrick’s Day as a time to drink Guinness beer. The display had green clovers and leprechauns that make it very appealing to children. I registered a complaint with the manager and the corporate office, but they did not take me seriously. PLEASE HELP!!!

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