Parents, Don’t Miss: Keeping Your Kids Safe on the Internet

Practical Advice for Parenting Your Hi-Tech Kids!

Wednesday, October 1
12:00 – 1:30 p.m.
at Montgomery Park
2701 NW Vaughn Avenue
Portland 97210
Only $30, Including Lunch!
Register Now! Parking is Free!

The very latest on what YOU can do to keep your family safe and informed about the ever-changing online universe.

The training will be led by Shawn Marshall, Licensed Professional Counselor at the Children’s Program, a Portland diagnostic & treatment clinic.

Shawn says “Kids aren’t as savvy when it comes to the unexpected ramifications of instant messaging, their MySpace page and all the other uses of the Internet. And that’s where informed parenting comes in.”

Here is what you’ll learn:

  • How to protect your family’s privacy online
  • Understanding “digital footprints”
  • Why most online identities are fake
  • How to deal with cyber harassment
  • How using filters can create a false sense of security
  • Can addiction really occur

To Register, email Danny Slifman or call 503-244-5211.

Click here to download the training flyer.

Brought to you by Oregon Partnership, a statewide non-profit working promoting healthy kids and communities by raising awareness about drug and alcohol issues, providing drug prevention education in classrooms, and 24-hour crisis lines for callers needing help.

To learn more, visit


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