CARSA Campaign Underway To Help Portland Small Businesses

(Portland, Oregon) Small businesses in the Portland area now have a new, useful resource for drug prevention in the workplace.

CARSA – Community Action to Reduce Substance Abuse – has added to its website a series of links to information that small businesses can use to provide assistance for employees and develop drug-free plans.

“Most businesses in Oregon agree that on-the-job substance abuse is a major problem,” says Louise Grant, co-chair of the CARSA business committee. “But while larger employers have comprehensive workplace programs in place, most small businesses don’t know where to begin. This gives them a head start.”

The website can be found at or can be accessed from the Oregon Partnership website at

CARSA is comprised of Portland area leaders in government, business, law enforcement and community advocates working toward a common goal: To change public opinions and attitudes so that abuse of drugs and alcohol is not acceptable.

It is an outgrowth of Portland’s 25 Cities Initiative that was launched in August of 2003 and funded by a federal Drug Free Communities Support grant secured by Oregon Partnership.

More than 70% of substance abusers and binge drinkers are employed, and the cost of lost productivity, injuries and health problems reaches into the tens of millions of dollars in Oregon alone.

In the Portland metropolitan area, there are more than 45,000 businesses with fifty employees or less.

The following links on the CARSA website provide extensive information for small businesses about establishing drug-free workplace policies and plans, legal requirements, and evaluations:

For more information on drug-free workplaces, contact Mimi Bushman of Workdrugfree Oregon at 503-588-0050.


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