Home Furnishing Takes on Whole New Meaning

New Products Available From the “Face It, Parents” Campaign

 A new campaign to educate adults about the dangers of furnishing alcohol to minors is underway, thanks to a combined effort by Oregon Partnership and the Oregon Liquor Control Mission.

New products, materials and posters are available at various liquor stores around the state, in hopes that parents get the message loud and clear: That most teens who obtain hard liquor, get it from home.

Among the items are bottle hangers featuring peal-off stickers that parents can put on their home alcohol supply that say, “At your age, drinking is dangerous.  So are really angry parents.”

Posters are also being displayed, supporting the campaign theme, “Home Furnishing Takes on a Whole New Meaning.”  Other campaign posters featuring several messages are being developed, including alcohol’s impact on the adolescent brain.

Refrigerator magnets will also be distributed to local prevention and coalition coordinators around the state.  Among the magnet messages:

“Parental disapproval is the #1 reason kids don’t drink”
“Set clear rules against underage drinking”
“Know where your kids are and what they’re doing”
“Kids get alcohol from homes.  Lock your liquor cabinet”

“It’s a startling new trend that our kids now prefer hard liquor over beer as their drink of choice,” says Pam Erickson of Oregon Partnership.  “Often, kids get their alcohol from home. Parents should tell their children that underage drinking is not permitted in their home of elsewhere.”

According to Erickson, parents need to maintain control of alcohol in their home and talk to their children about “house rules” against underage drinking.

According to researchers, those who start drinking under the age of 15 have four times the chance of having problems with alcohol when they reach adulthood.

The most recent Oregon Healthy Teens Survey shows that about a third of 8th graders in the state have consumed alcohol in the past 30 days and about half of 11th graders. The Survey also shows that 31 percent of 8th grade drinkers and 37 percent of 11th grade drinkers prefer liquor.

 “Face it, Parents” is an Oregon Department of Human Services prevention campaign managed by Oregon Partnership and designed to reduce underage drinking by targeting parents. 

For more about “Face It, Parents,” visit www. faceitparents.com.


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