Advice for dealing with stress during turbulent times

Is the financial crisis creating too much stress and anxiety in your life?  Oregon Partnership Crisis Lines Director, Leslie Storm, has some good advice:

1. Talk it out. Don’t keep it to yourself.  Normally, you might not talk about your financial situation.  But a whole lot of folks are in the same boat.  Talking with family and friends is a good thing, and no need to go into details.

2.  Get outside.   Take walks.  Get some exercise.  It does wonders in good times and bad.

3.  OK, you won’t be eating at restaurants or going out as much.  So take advantage of staying home and spending more time with the family!  More at home family time – and having dinners at home – is another good thing.

4. If you have kids, be upfront with them.  Explain to them what the economy is all about – that sometimes people have to spend less and go without luxuries…but in time, the economy always bounces back.

5.  Turn off the TV news and listen to music!


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