Beer Tax Hike in Oregon Would Help Solve Budget Problems

The last time Oregon raised the state’s beer tax was 1977….31 years ago and counting.  But if there was ever a time when a ten-cent a beer tax increase was needed, it’s now.  And groups such as Oregon Partnership are bound to be vocal at the Legislature, trying to convince legislators that the millions of dollars generated by a beer tax increase would go directly toward mental health, prevention, treatment and enforcement programs that have been devastated by budget cuts and an ugly recession.

This is money that would not disappear into the general fund budget.  These are revenues that in the short run and long haul, SAVE taxpayers money for people who would otherwise end up in emergency rooms, jail, or both.

Make no mistake, such an increase would only come from the big guys…the Anheauser Busch and Coors of the world, not smaller local breweries.  Almost 90% of the beer consumed in Oregon comes from outside the state.

There are many advantages to this long overdue hike in the beer tax in Oregon, and hopefully, the new Legislature will realize what the public has, according to surveys – that Oregonians will pay pennies more for a beer, if they know the money is going to be well spent, do some good, help people in need, and not be a drain on local business.


One Response to Beer Tax Hike in Oregon Would Help Solve Budget Problems

  1. Craig Steven Bybee says:

    Hello, I totally disagree with your statements that this somehow will help the “budget problems” here in Oregon… In fact, quite the contrary. Once again, let the folks who Drink or smoke cigareetes ( this is a beer tax issue only, but I just mention the other for common reference) to pay for whatever! State Senator Bill Morrisette (D-Springfield) and now State Senator Jackie Dingfelder (D-Portland) are sponsoring legislation to raise the Oregon’s beer tax. Here are a couple of uninformed Senator’s who want to continue to kill jobs and growth here in Oregon. Beleive me, this bill will do a lot of damage to Oregon economy, loss jobs can be in the upwards of 4000 plus, and then it escalates from there. The 4000 plus are folks lossing there jobs due to lagging sales, then when it all fans out, it starts affecting the bussiness that sell beer, then they start to lay people off, I think you can see that the people that dreamed this up could care very little about jobs or people here in Oregon, including costs and our well being…I am not impressed with this thoughtless way of thinking. Why don’t you guy’s in the house work on real solutions instead of yet taking more jobs away from hard working people. Makes me sick to think that time has been wasted dreaming this up and only coming up with a bill that takes more jobs away and adds to what folks in Oregon have to pay for something. How about this, work on a bill that adds cost to those that are paid well above the national average and let’s tax that, I would do that, I personally make more the three Senators income! I am very tired of the norrow minded thinking. The question to ask yourself if you support this garbage, would you if making well above the national average for income pay a little more state tax to save jobs? Well, let’s quit doing this petty stuff to our jobs in Oregon, which is also causing other businesses to look else where for start-up company’s when they get mind of stuff like this. All the fact are not clearly stated here, but this bill adds huge cost to volume and tax at $49.61 per 31-gallon is going to effect and affect every job that sells/serves, or manufactures beer! In this economy, why in the world would we ever consider something that adds the highest in the nation beer tax, eliminate jobs, and add to the current cost. Good luck getting re-elected Senators? For what it’s worth! Craig

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