Great Britain To Crack Down on Teen Drinking and Driving?

European countries increasingly are taking action regarding underage drinking.  So for those who point to the European culture of teaching kids to drink in moderation at an early age, think again.  Alcoholism is a big problem in Europe….even more so than in the United States.

In Great Britain, the legal drinking age is 18….and that is in itself a problem…

This from the JoinTogether e-newsletter:

A recommendation to make it illegal for drivers under the age of 21 to have any alcohol in their system will be presented to government officials in England, Scotland and Wales, the BBC reported Nov. 26.

The Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD), an independent body that advises the government on drug-related issues in the U.K., said the recommendation sprung from concern about impairment among young people driving within existing drunk-driving limits. The legal blood-alcohol limit in the U.K. is .08 percent.

Government statistics show that 14 young drivers and their passengers die weekly in Britain. An ACMD working group has been reviewing current drunk-driving legislation.

“We feel that young people under the age of 21 should have a zero rate for alcohol if they are driving,” said Caroline Healy, a council member. “By their nature, they are inexperienced drivers and not able to tolerate alcohol, and the combination of the two is dangerous.”

The final report, due in Februay 2009, will also recommend that alcohol labels show calorie information, that a ban be imposed on the sale of strong lagers and beers, and that drinks be taxed based on their alcohol content.


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