Icing by Claire’s Stores Selling Flasks to Teen Girls

Oregon Partnership sent the following letter to Eugene S. Kahn, CEO,
Claire’s Stores, Inc.

Dear Sir:
As a non-profit organization dedicated to combating drug abuse and underage drinking, Oregon Partnership was disappointed to find that Icing by Claire’s stores are selling alcohol flasks.

With Icing By Claire’s young customer base (17-27 years old according to your website), the sale of such items is not worthy of your company’s record in the area of social responsibility.

When I visited your Washington Square store in Portland, I was shocked to see dozens of the flasks in different colors and designs and prominently displayed at the counter.

And the question we have is…why?

Underage drinking is a growing problem in our country. Massive amounts of advertising and promotion by beer companies and other alcohol manufacturers make it that much harder to reverse the trend and change the culture of underage drinking.

Recent research in Oregon shows that more teenage girls are outdrinking boys, resulting in a myriad of other problems including sexual assault, unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

But Oregon Partnership and other anti-drug coalitions are making real inroads in informing parents, educators, and the business community about how alcohol use among adolescents is even more dangerous to their developing brains than previously believed. And yes, we know that the culture can be changed. But we need your help.

You might be interested to know that Macy’s and Bloomingdales decided to take beer t-shirts off their shelves a couple of years ago, which received substantial positive attention in the media. Other national chains have discontinued the sale of drinking games and other similar products.

I know you have received similar complaints, and we urge you to discontinue the sale of these products.

Thank you for your consideration, and we hope you can join us in combating underage drinking and the sale of products that encourage it.


Pete Schulberg
Communications Director
Oregon Partnership


4 Responses to Icing by Claire’s Stores Selling Flasks to Teen Girls

  1. Taylor Odom says:

    Ohh myy gosh. Ya’ll need to get ahold to yourselves. Just because, their saling it doesn’t mean “tweens” are drinking? Icing’s is for WOMEN, Claire’s is for kids. If ya’ll are making a big deal about this, why hasn’t somebody said something about drug stores selling condoms to minors? If the flasks are SUPPOSELY giving an excuse to drink, then condoms are giving excuses for girls to be whores. (And make babies.) I say quit tripping out over something so little. Gag.

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