Oregon Partnership’s Suicide Prevention Line Might Have Helped

Anna Griffin’s column in today’s Oregonian about a man who tried to kill himself  and then tried to get help was compelling…


I’m curious if the gentleman ever called our suicide prevention line, the only nationally-certified suicide line in Oregon.

The difference between 2-1-1 and 1-800-273-TALK (our line)  is that 2-1-1 is not mental health-based.  While it’s true that treatment center availability is slim and as you pointed out, often none….at least our volunteers have 16 hours of specialized training in suicide prevention and crisis counseling, our callers can call us every day, and we can continue offering them counseling, advice, and compassion.

By the way, with this economy, our call volume is way up.

We had a recent caller who told us that being able to talk to us every day “is saving her life.”


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