Chicago Mom To Pay $2.5 mil For Underage Drinking Party

Parents: Hosting underage drinking is NOT OK!

A former high school student, paralyzed in a car collision after a 2006 teenage drinking party, will receive a $2.5 million settlement from the mother of the party’s hosts.

George Baldwin, now 22 and paralyzed from the chest down, sued Lauralee Pfeifer after the Nov. 19, 2006, party at their Lake Forest home in Chicago’s North Shore area.

Her daughters, then 16 and 17, threw the underage bash. Baldwin left the party with a friend, who crashed his car into a utility box on an Illinois highway. Both men were hurt, Baldwin more seriously.

Recently, a Lake County judge approved the settlement against Lauralee Pfeifer for the maximum $2.5 million covered by her homeowner’s insurance, said Patrick Salvi, Baldwin’s attorney. “We were not suing her as a social host but in her role as a parent,” Salvi said. “It was her duty to supervise her children.”

Source: Chicago Sun-Times


One Response to Chicago Mom To Pay $2.5 mil For Underage Drinking Party

  1. Frankie says:

    Why didn’t this guy sue his own parents for letting him party on a weekend? Nice to see this kid take no responsibility for his own actions or choices—if only there was beer tax to stop this tragedy.

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