Just what we don’t need – more alcohol advertising

It’s not exactly a news flash.  But the advertising of alcohol is at an all-time bender.  Beer manufacturers are sponsoring concerts, festivals and sporting events at an historic rate. Tune into cable channels, and you’ll see commercials for hard liquor – something that just a few years ago, was unheard of.

And don’t think the TV networks and local stations are watching this phenomenon closely.  After years of a self-imposed ban, the networks are sure to take advantage of this growing acceptance of hard liquor advertising. And when that happens, you’ll see more alcohol ads on TV than car ads.

And now, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission says it will re-examine a rule to ban restaurants and bars from advertising lower priced drinks at happy hours.  The OLCC says the rules are outdated, pointing to an absence of what should be allowed on websites and elsewhere in the on-line universe.  And besides, the OLCC claims, it doesn’t have the resources to enforce such rules.

Oregon Partnership’s position is clear and the evidence bears it out:  If you allow more advertising of alcohol prices – which now is pretty much banned by the OLCC to prevent highly-advertised price wars – more people will abuse alcohol.  And underage drinkers – who are especially price-sensitive – will take notice and take action.

If the rules need to be brought into the 21st century, OP says lets update them. But to say that we need more alcohol advertising – and to relax restrictions on advertising prices – is unwise and dangerous.


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