Repeal Oregon’s Medical Marijuana Act



  For those who believe the Oregon medical marijuana program is out of control, there’s a move afoot to get it on the 2010 ballot…

Initiative #32 repeals the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act and replaces it with a state-
subsidized program providing prescriptions using cannabinoids, synthetic cannabinoids,
and cannabinoid derivatives for persons with diagnosed debilitating medical conditions
if such prescriptions are not covered by insurance.


The Department of Human Services shall establish program rules including

1.      independent medical exam at state’s expense if eligibility of the program
must be determined

2.      establish the standards for determining validity of participants’ application
based on a medically reasonable diagnosis and necessity of prescription
for treatment of diagnosed debilitating medical condition

3.      establish participation requirements including applicants to be legal Oregon
resident for one year prior to application  

4.      require attending physician to monitor participants’ use in same manner as
a controlled substance

5.      define “attending physician”, “controlled substance”, and “diagnosed
debilitating medical condition”, and

6.      invalidate current medical marijuana cards on March 31, 2011


3 Responses to Repeal Oregon’s Medical Marijuana Act

  1. kem says:

    yes it is out of control, my sons ex girlfriend has the card her mother & stepfather has it, she has 3 room mates and 2 of them have it. and they all smoke it around two toddlers all the time. even if there not in pain and they all took advantage of it and are growing it so they can give it to there friends that don’t have the card. I and my son could get the card if we wanted to but we can manage or pain and we understated there is reasons for it, but there are to many people taking advantage of it.we understand terminal illness should have it. but pain such as back, neck,legs, headaches is ridicules there are other alternatives.

  2. Ellen says:

    I agree the medical marijuana act is out of control. We have been dealing with Medical Marijuana user who moved next door to us since 2005. The spouse is the MM ‘Caregiver’ and hold the caregiver card. The kinds of traffic at their home is, to put it mildly, concerning. Not only that, but we have seen them taking pot plants in and out of their home, they also have a 12, 10 and 2 year old. We have had to call the police on them multiple times and had a no-contact order against them for several years for harrassment and intimidation. I think something else needs to be done, to allow those who TRULY need medical marijuana to have it, more closely monitor like any prescription, limit amounts they have/need, and stop allowing people to grow it for themselves. In addition, there needs to be more checks about the use of this drug around children, and if the people using the prescription are involved in other illegal activities such as harrassment and intimidation their usage be should be revoked. The whole atmosphere has changed since this ‘medical marijuana family’ moved in. Help our neighborhoods!

  3. Chi says:

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