OP Getting Support to Stop Sale of Old Navy T-Shirts

Just visited Beaverton’s Old Navy store, and sure enough, t-shirts with drinking themes continue to  adorn the shelves.  The shirts include a Santa drinking from a keg and  the theme “Beer Pressure: Worth Giving Into.”

This is a chain that caters to teens.  And OP has been on Old Navy’s case and its parent company, Gap, for a year now. We’re asking these companies to be good community partners – as spelled out on its website – and discontinue the shirts.

Hardly a day goes by when OP doesn’t receive a phone call or an email from customers asking what they can do to join OP efforts.

We’re also getting inquiries from national media outlets.  Old Navy and Gap would get OP’s total support if it just discontinued the sale of the shirts.  Trying to battle the underage drinking culture takes community support..and Old Navy could be a leader, not an obvious detractor.


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