“Face It, Parents” Spring Break Campaign Wants to Keep Kids Active

 A Spring Break campaign gets under way this week raising  awareness about the dangers of underage drinking, keeping kids healthy, and offering alternatives.

“We know that at Spring Break or during any extended time away from school one of the key points for parents is keeping their kids active and busy,” says Emily Moser, Oregon Partnership’s Parenting Programs Director.

During Spring Break, teens should enjoy their time off in healthy ways, such as sports, outdoor activities, art projects and volunteering in the community.

A list of suggested activities and links will be featured on Oregon Partnership’s website at www.orpartnership.org.

The campaign is part of the Oregon Department of Human Services “Face it, Parents” underage drinking prevention initiative, coordinated by Oregon Partnership and Community Action to Reduce Substance Abuse (CARSA).

A letter from Portland area law enforcement officials, including Portland Police Chief, Rosie Sizer and Multnomah County Sheriff Daniel Staton,  will be going out to parents explaining that to help prevent underage drinking, parents have more influence over their teens than anyone.

Free movie tickets (limit of two per request) for the week of March 22nd will also be available on the website while supplies last.  The tickets will be good for admission to any Regal theater.  Just call Oregon Partnership at 503-244-5211.

Face it, Parents public service announcements will be airing on radio stations, KGON (92.3 FM), The Buzz (105.1 FM) and K-103 (103.3 FM).

Suggestions for parents:
    *Talk to each of your children and express your strong disapproval of  
     underage alcohol and drug use.  This is a very powerful step!

     *Tell your teens they may not go to parties where alcohol or drugs are consumed, but remind them that they can always call you if they get into a bad situation.  Still, check with other parents before you allow your teen to attend a party.

    *Monitor your home alcohol supplies.  Kids often get alcohol from homes.  Consider a lock for your liquor cabinet or storing less alcohol in your home, and track alcohol supplies.

 *Report any suspected parties to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission’s dispatch center at (503) 872-5070.
     *Plan fun activities for your teen and family.  For activity ideas during spring break, visit www.orpartnership.org.  Don’t be fooled when your kids says it’s not cool to do things with parents. They really value the time you spend with them. 

          For more information about underage drinking and resources for families,   
          visit www.FaceitParents.com.


2 Responses to “Face It, Parents” Spring Break Campaign Wants to Keep Kids Active

  1. angela c says:

    the mistake is not to talk about “underage” drinking but drinking alcoholic beverages in general. something bad cannot becomes good at some point in life. this is this type of mixed messages that gets kids confused and going to mistrust and neglect all the good advise of adults.

  2. Outstanding post indeed. My girlfriend has been seeking for this information.

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