Oregon Partnership Hails TJ Maxx for Scrapping Drinking Games

Another retail chain has said no to drinking games and Oregon Partnership gives a thumbs up to that.

 TJ Maxx is removing a series of drinking games from its store shelves.

From Join Together…..Boston Globe reporter Beverly Beckham spotted the games — which require players to drink shots of liquor when they lose — in TJ Maxx stores in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. The games were on display near Father’s Day and graduation gifts.

Some of the games were based on classics like Bingo, tic-tac-toe, and checkers; others had names like Drink Like a Fish, Gargle, Drink Til You Drop, Ship Wrecked, and Battle Drinks.

The games had warnings stating, “Alcohol consumption is extremely dangerous and can lead to sickness and even death. The publishers of this game do not advocate or endorse the consumption of alcohol, and accept no liability for the consequences of your behavior if you consume alcohol while playing this game. This game may be played with non-alcoholic beverages.”

But TJX Companies, which owns TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Home Goods, and A.J. Wright, followed up on the media inquiry by stating that the games would be out of its stores within 24 hours. “We believe our decision reflects our values of integrity and respect for our customers,” said Sherry Lang, senior vice president of global communications for TJX.

A 2007 letter-writing campaign organized by Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA), Join Together and other drug prevention coalitions (including Oregon Partnership) persuaded Kohl’s, Target, and Linens ‘n Things to remove similar games. “All drinking games do is encourage underage drinking. There is no reason for them. Responsible companies shouldn’t have them on their shelves,” said David Rosenbloom, founder and director of Join Together. 

Take action: Thank TJ Maxx for doing the right thing


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