Every Day, 18 Veterans Take Their Own Lives

As I was researching background information for OP’s Military Helpline, this tragic statistic came up: 20% of the suicides in our country are by Veterans.

That means an average of 18 per day.

Oregon Partnership has established a Military Helpline to meet the tremendous and growing need for compassionate, confidential crisis intervention and referral.  The line  is operated by highly trained and dedicated staff and volunteers who are on hand around the clock. Many possess a military background, bringing a strong understanding of the daunting challenges our citizen soldiers and their families face. The number is 888 HLP 4 VETS (888-457-4838). The website is www.MilitaryHelpline.org .

There is no question that America must do right by the men and women who have served and continue to serve our country.

After experiencing war, life back home can be overwhelming.  Issues such as unemployment, family strife, the loss of a home, PTSD and other serious health care concerns descend as soldiers return from long – and often repeated – deployments. These challenges may stop them from seeking help at all.

Soldiers, veterans and their families desperately need the immediate and confidential help that 24 hour crisis lines offer – crisis lines operated outside the military and the Veterans Administration.

At Oregon Partnership, we’re proud to be able to stand in that gap.

– Tom


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