In Appreciation Of Our Crisis Line Volunteers

The Crisis Lines Program is currently training another group of wonderful people to be volunteer crisis workers.

As a trainer, this is the fifth training that I have participated in. Each and every time we train, I am awestruck. Amazed by the emotional depth and breadth of experience that our volunteers bring to the training, and later – to the program.

Our training is an emotionally intense fifty-six hour program. One of our goals in the training is to pack a lot of content into this fifty-six hour period. But in order to meet people where they’re at in moment of crisis, we have to blend this training content with in-the-moment processing of both emotion and content.

This is not easy for many people to do. And yet, every few months, we have a full training room of people taking this courageous leap into being with complete strangers in their most difficult moments, holding onto the thread of a phone line. And the training room itself is full of a depth and range of experiences that I know must be difficult to find in any other room in the city.

When I facilitate a training that attracts such incredible people, my most important task much of the time is just to stay out of the way, and let the group step into the experience of being a volunteer crisis worker.

There’s nothing else like it.

– David C.


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