Kitty Litter Fights Substance Abuse!

Looks like a headline from the Weekly World News, doesn’t it?

It’s not.

Surprising fact: One of the easiest places for teens to get drugs is from their parents’ or grandparents’ medicine chests.

Back in March Oregon Partnership had great success working with communities throughout the state for a Drug Turn In Day. Citizens brought their expired prescription drugs to designated sites where law enforcement officials took custody of the drugs and then incinerated them. In one day, over 4,000 pounds of prescriptions were collected and safely disposed of.

Last night I was looking through my medicine chest and discovered 27 unused tablet of Oxycontin left over from a surgery three years ago.

But what could I do to get rid of them when there wasn’t a Drug Take Back day?

Certainly not flush them down the toilet.

An analysis by the Oregon Environmental Council found that chemicals from prescription drugs flushed down toilets make their way into Oregon’s rivers, streams and even into our drinking water.

According to experts, used kitty litter and used coffee grounds are a great way to dispose of dated or excess prescription drugs. Just grind up or empty the drugs into Fluffy’s old litter on its way to the garbage. Or mix them with the latest batch of used coffee grounds and send them off.

That kind of drug prevention is the cat’s meow.

– Tom


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