Time to get rid of your unused or uneeded meds before they fall into the wrong hands!

Over 400 Oregonians died last year of prescription drug overdoses – that’s nearly five times the number of deaths by homicide. Imagine how awful you’d feel if some of those drugs had come from your own medicine chest. Hard to grasp, but it’s a fact: 70 percent of abused prescription drugs come from friends and family members – usually without their knowledge.  And only five percent come from drug dealers. Stolen drugs are more likely to end up in the hands of teens and young adults and too often lead to even worse addictions and illegal drug use down the road.

Prescription drugs are now the second most abused substance reported to our Oregon Partnership crisis lines.

Here’s what you can do to help: Lock up the medicines you want, and properly dispose of unused or unneeded medications. Don’t flush them down the toilet, that just ends up in our water supply.

This Saturday from 10 AM until 2 PM you can drop off your meds at a number of places through out Oregon and the nation for proper disposal.  You can find your nearest location by logging on to http://www.DEA.gov or phone (800) 882-9539.

This is a national drug take back effort modeled on one created by Oregon Partnership and the OMAA back in March of 2010. At the last event in April, Oregonians returned over 9,000 pounds of drugs to 62 sites throughout the state.

Lock up the prescriptions you need. Turn in the others for proper disposal this Saturday, October 29th.



One Response to Time to get rid of your unused or uneeded meds before they fall into the wrong hands!

  1. d aaron says:

    I need to know where to drop off unused drugs .near south side of chicago.

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